Retractable Awnings

If you love your home but the outdoor areas get a little too sunny and hot for your comfort, a retractable awning might be just the shade solution you’ve been looking for. And with our custom made retractable awnings, you can install your own shading system for much less money than the professional installers from awning companies would charge.

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Which Retractable Awning is Best?

That depends on your needs, what type of exterior space you need to provide shade for, and budget. All retractable awnings have unique components that extendand retract a weather-resistant fabric. The main operation options for residential spaces are:

Manual Retractable Awnings

These awnings have a hand crank and gear system that rotates the roller tube – extending or retracting the fabric and arms. Manual products don’t need electricity, which is why they’re commonly installed when the budget is tight. In a power outage or where no power is available, a homeowner can still use a manual awning by simply twisting the crank handle many times.

Motorized Retractable Awnings

Motorized awnings are very convenient as they retract quickly and easily during time-sensitive situations. Whenever sunlight shines brightly on an exterior area such as a patio or deck on a hot day, you can extend a motorized awning by pressing a button. You can also install sensors so that the awning can extend or retract depending on if it is sunny or windy. When a motorized awning is retracted, it doesn’t decrease a home’s curb appeal because this type of awning has a sleek, clean design. Most motorized retractable awnings also have a built-in manual override system which allows you to manually operate the awning with a crank handle, similar to a manual unit in case or a power or motor failure.

General Retractable Awning Benefits

When a home has an awning, everyone can enjoy outdoor activities and events more. The awning can provide protection against common environmental elements such as sun and drizzling rain. In most neighborhoods, homeowners use awnings in the following locations:

The Backyard

When an awning is installed in a backyard, your family, friends and pets can avoid the hot sunlight and the harsh UV rays. An average retractable awning for a backyard area has a wide, thick fabric that can effectively block the effects of solar rays, providing up to 99% UV protection and can reduce temperatures around people who are sitting in the shaded zone.

Outdoor Living Areas

An awning that’s placed over an outdoor living area, like a deck, gives families opportunities to dine outdoors comfortably on a hot, sunny day. If an unexpected rain shower happens, water won’t soak anyone or ruin your meal because an awning fabric repels light rain with proper unit pitch.


A patio is a prime destination for an awning because this hangout spot gets a lot of direct sunlight on a hot day. Since awnings for patios are a practical length, many options can cover an entire small, large, or med-size patio zone.

Retractable Awning Buying Considerations

As dedicated awning experts, we help people select the best awning products that suit their needs and goals. When we provide suggestions, we always consider the layout of a property, a homeowner’s plans, budget, and the weather.

Manual awnings are a good solution when someone needs convenient shade and practical protection. Motorized awnings are also beneficial because anyone can retract the hardware by pressing one simple button.

Our online ordering process takes you through all the decisions you need to make when choosing a manual or motorized retractable awning, and our awning kits include all the hardware and clear instructions you need to install them yourself and save big. If you have any questions, please ask! We’re here to help.

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