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Replacement Fabric


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Projection is the length the unit measures from the back of the installation bracket out towards the front bar when fully extended. To give this measurement, measure the roof line (the top of the awning) from the wall to the front bar.

Your cover will automatically include extra fabric to wrap around the roller tube. For this measurement, round up to the nearest full foot.

The overall fabric width is from one end of the cover to the other end (please note that the awning fabric will be 4 to 6 inches NARROWER than the awning width). The valance will automatically be the exact same with as the main cover.

This measurement is crucial so please take your time and get it within a 1/4". Round down to the nearest 1/4" if needed. The cover will include new PVC spline to attach it to the roller tube and the front bar. If they do not fit your unit, please reuse your original PVC spline.

We use only first grade, 100% acrylic Shade and marine grade fabric from Sunbrella. This fabric carries an 8 full year warranty from rot, mildew and excessive fading. The panels are sewn with GORE Tenera thread which carries the same 8 year warranty.

The valance is located on the front of the awning which provides additional solar protection. The fabric is the same as the main body. All the stripes and seams will line up with the main cover. You can select from several styles shown here.

The braid, which is the finished edging on the bottom edge of the valance, is also 100% acrylic and is guaranteed not to fade. The braid is stitched onto the valance.

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The valance slides into a track on the front bar and measures typically 8 inches long. Any valance over 8 inches tall will add to the cost as listed.

Replacement Fabric

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Replace your sun damaged or faded retractable awning fabric with a new 100% acrylic fabric cover from DIY. Fully custom made to your exact specifications, a new awning fabric replacement, featuring Sunbrella fabric will renew your awning in both function and beauty. Buy your replacement fabric cover here and save up to 40%

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