No Aluminum Hood (add $0.00)
Aluminum Hood (add $0.00)
PLEASE NOTE: Please select NO HOOD option for ceiling/soffit mounting. The hood is constructed of aluminum and is powder coated to match the aluminum frame color. The hood attaches to the awning’s rear torsion or square bar. This option is highly suggested for roof mounts, as well as wall mount applications, where there is no protection within 2’ over the unit such as an eve or soffit. The hood will protect the first 10 inches of the fabric when the awning is retracted. Without a hood, overtime you might see some discoloration of the awning fabric in this particular area when the unit is extended. If the awning is motorized, the addition of a hood may help to extend the life of the motor.
Wall Mount (add $0.00)
Roof (add $350.00)
Soffit (add $0.00)
(NO HOOD required for soffit mount)

If SOFFIT MOUNT is selected choose NO for Protective Aluminum HOOD below. NO HOOD IS REQUIRED FOR SOFFIT MOUNT.

The mounting method is based on where the awning is being mounted to the building unit. Choose from three options: Wall Mount, Ceiling Soffit Mount, or Roof Mount Wall Mount - This application is typically used on flat two story homes where adequate mounting height can be achieved. Once you determine that this is the best mounting application for you and identify the mount area, be sure there are no obstructions such as dryer vents, exterior lights or downspouts. Ceiling Soffit Mount - For this mounting application you install the unit directly to the underside of the eve or overhang of your home. To confirm this is a good mounting location, first check that there are no obstructions as described above. Next, open up the underside of your eve to confirm you will have some structural framework for mounting the awning. With this installation you will typically gain “virtual projection” of the unit as the unit will not be mounted against the wall you measured from. You typically pick up 4 to 6 inches of added protection. Roof Mount - This is the typical mounting needed on ranch and bi-level homes to achieve adequate pitch. The brackets will mount on the flat asphalt shingles, 2 rows back from the roof edge, over the eve. With the slope of the roof and the height of the brackets, add 12” to the top edge of the roof to determine mounting height for this method. Specially designed roof mount brackets are required. (Additonal $350)
Brown (add $0.00)
sand (add $0.00)
white (add $0.00)
The awning’s aluminum framework, other than the fasteners, is powder coated rather than wet painted in your choice of standard colors based on the model selected. The typical homeowner will select a frame color that best matches their home’s exterior trim color. More Info
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